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760 E Warm Springs Ave Suite A, Boise, ID



30 Min Follow Up Wellness Consult

. Duration:30 mins·. Price:$99

Manual Therapy

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:$299

Member Manual Therapy

. Duration:2 hrs··. Price:$209

20 Min Complimentary Wellness Consult (New Clients)

. Duration:20 mins··. Price:Free

Manual Therapy

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$79

Manual Therapy

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$139


About us

Nationally Board Certified Therapist Brandon A. Trean BCTMB, HHP, NC has been in active practice for over 9 years and has worked closely with St. Luke's Hospital, Modern Chiropractic Center, Gonstead Spine & Wellness, Ideal Spine, etc. He has cultivated a unique slow-release style of trigger point therapy, myofascial release and slow-paced therapeutic massage. All Manual Therapy sessions are customizable entirely by the client. His nutritional background is in Ancestral Diets with an emphasis on gut-healing strategies and mindfulness practices. Come learn the latest in cutting-edge and receive some of the finest care in the Treasure Valley.

See our Google Maps page to read 75+ Five Star Reviews ^_^.

Specializing in:

* Slow-Paced Myofascial Release
* Slow-Paced Therapeutic Massage
* Slow-Release Trigger Point Therapy
* Manual Lymph Drainage
* Self-Care Self-Myofascial Release Education
* Microbiome/Gut-Building Nutritional Strategies
* Simplified Nutritional Coaching
* Functional Ancestral Diets
* CBD Transdermal/Oral Compounds

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8 reviews
  • Charlene·

    I was referred to Brandon by a friend several years ago. He is the first practitioner I’ve gone to that actually listened and understood when I described where my problem areas were. Between his technique and also tips on things I can do between sessions to avoid further pains, I can say I’ve been living pain free for years now. Scheduling has always been a breeze, and he’s always been very responsive when I have needed to reschedule. Can’t say enough great things about his practice.

  • Kim L.·

    Brandon is a wonderful massage therapist. He always asks, "How's the pressure?" He is kind and respectful, and very knowledgeable about the whole body, not just muscles.

  • Tony T.·

    The BEST!

  • Jessie B·

    Brandon is a wizard and I trust him to provide whatever massage/tool use is necessary. I appreciate his vast knowledge on health, wellness and hormone support. I highly recommend his services to anyone!

  • Cynthia Atanga·

    This was such a great and helpful experience. I’ve been having some back pains over the years and I was able to get a proper massage to help with that. Brandon was very skilled and respectful and I fell asleep for most of the session. My back feels so much better already. Absolutely recommend!

  • Marjaneal Doescher·

    Brandon is amazing and very considerate of his clients both during the massage and the day after as he follows up with you and how your feeling. The best massage I have ever had. Have been going for several years.

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